1. Paradise 04:17
  2. Bad, Bad Blood 03:39
  3. Silent Spring 04:31
  4. The Cost Of Believing Paul Brill 06:20
  5. Silence & Security Paul Brill 04:02
  6. King Of The Ocean Paul Brill 03:11
  7. Give Up The Ghost Paul Brill 06:14
  8. Little Secret Paul Brill 04:44
  9. Fruit Trees Paul Brill 04:59
  10. The Promise Of Light Paul Brill 04:46
  11. The Liminal Paul Brill 02:39

All Songs Incanted and Intoned by Paul Brill

Matt Ray: Pianos, Moog, Vocals
Peter Lalish: Guitars, Moog, Programming
Jeff Taylor: Guitars, Vocals, Tongue Drum, Trumpet, Whistles
Rob Jost: Acoustic and Electric Bass, French Horn, Ukulele
Rob DiPietro: Drums
Stan Harrison: Concert, Bass, Alto, and Piccolo Flutes, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone
Shayne Blue: Vocal harmonies
Amber Rubarth: Vocal harmonies
Jamie Leonhart: Vocal harmonies

Strings Arranged by Dave Eggar, Paul Brill, and Phil Franconti
Dave Eggar: Cello
Katie Thomas: Violin
Bryan Hernandez-Luch: Viola, Violin

Michael Leonhart: Trumpet, Vibraphone, Brass Arrangements
Dan Levine: Trombone, Flugelbone, Euphonium
Josh Kaufman: Additional Guitars
Park Stickney: Harp
Max ZT: Dulcimer
Paul Brainard: Pedal Steel

Choral Arrangements by Elizabeth Ziman
Choir: Elizabeth Ziman, Jeff Taylor, Priya Darshini, Abby Ahmad, Joy Askew, Neha Jiwrajka, Elizabeth LoPiccolo

Recorded March 2022 by Alex Conroy
Assisted by Carlos Mora and Kate Lucas at Sterling Society Social Club, Brooklyn

Mixed by Tucker Martine/Flora Recording
Mastered by Joe Lambert
Album Artwork by PD Packard